Friday, 19 November 2010

Review: HiPP Organic Succulent Tomato & Chicken Ragout Wholesome Pots

I had been reading several supermarket and baby magazines that were mailed to me over the last few weeks and noticed these Wholesome Pots by HiPP Organic advertised in a couple of them. So I figured "let's give these a try!" as I noticed them in my local Asda store at £1.50 for a pack of 2. So here's my review:

I picked the Succulent Tomato & Chicken Ragout as my boy is still not able to take on the large bits that are often in the stage 2 ready meals and I knew I'd most likely not mind giving it a taste test. Whilst Baby Al was napping I was able to warm the food up, mix it and leave it to stand for a while. The instructions can be found when you remove the plastic lid on the other side of the lid. Very simple, you can warm it up or just feed it at room temperature. I normally with ready made food don't bother warming them up mainly due to lack of time and baby tends to cry when he knows I'm making his dinner and it's not there infront of him right this very second.

After his short nap he was calm and ready to take part in taste testing, as was I! When I do warm food up I always do the usual and easy check on whether it's too hot. Dip your little finger in! It was warm enough and as for the taste? Pretty good! Tomato was something my boy has not really had in his diet before and tends to be rarely given, mainly due to the fact I just blend simple vegetables and fruit, so this was an experience for him. To me I thought maybe a little bit more of a chicken taste may have made this a little more exciting, but for Baby Al he was squealing with joy after each mouthful was swallowed! He ate every last drop in the pot and his reaction to each spoonful was positive. If anything he got upset because there was no more, the cheeky little sausage!

Now for the Pros and Cons followed by our judges' scoring on this product.

- Easy to use
-Can be heated in the pan or microwave
- Soft with a nice taste for a baby whose started to move onto solids
- Nutritious as the food has been gently steam cooked

- £1.50 for 2 pots (75p each) is more then just buying jarred food (approx 67p for the same amount).

Baby Al's Rating: 10/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 9/10


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