Saturday, 20 November 2010

Lack of Simple Recipes

Maybe it's just me, but having surfed the internet on the hunt for simple homemade baby food recipes I find very few that aren't just "mash a banana - done". Either I am just not looking properly or there is a lack of them.

What I hope to do in the future is to try some simple and tasty baby food recipes using produce many parents will have in their kitchen. But what I would like to ask is what do you normally have in stock either in your fridge, your fruit bowl or in your cubboards.

For us pretty much since the moment I got our blender I have carrots, sweet potatoes, peas and recently brought in brocoli. We also seem to have a large amount of tinned tomatoes (no added salt ones of course!) and pasta. As for fruit we always buy bananas and sometimes get apples or pears from the local market stalls.

I'm currently at my parents for the weekend with my boys. My mom made two meals for baby to try and sadly one was a miss, however the chicken and mixed vegetiable meal went down very nicely! Hoping to make some tomorrow with her and write down what we end up doing, plus going to give making something with pasta too. This will either go down well with him or not. Finger's crossed!


Geek Mummy said...

I always found Annabel Karmel the best for purée recipes when I was weaning the geekdaughter, and I think there are some available on her website? She does a chicken, apple and sweet potato one which was my daughter's favourite for a long time.

I've just dug out the baby rice for the geekson, and i'm hoping this time around i'll be able to purée the stuff we're eating for family meals for him, rather than making a load of stuff separately. We'll see how that pans out...

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