Friday, 10 December 2010

Review: Ella's Kitchen Carrots, Apples and Parsnips [Stage 1]

This is actually the second Ella's Kitchen food we have tried, but the first stage one. I'll review the other products later on as so far we have found their products to be very tasty and enjoyable.

As we stock pile home cooked baby food in our freezer we really only keep jarred stuff in the cupboard for when he's staying at his grandparents' house or if we have a problem. Today we hit a problem as Baby Al would not eat his broccoli & cheese that I made for him earlier in the week. I tried my best to get him to eat more but he was not having it so out went mommy's failed attempt to get greens in his diet and in came Ella's Kitchen! He was already having a good old nibble on one of Ella's Baby Cookies so I knew he was hungry! So since my food was a flop and Ella's cookies were doing I picked up Carrots, Apples and Parsnips food as I knew he was a fan of these but never tried apple mixed in with vegetables before, specially root vegetables. The easy to squeeze packets make it simple for you to just place it straight onto a spoon or you can just put it all into a little bowl, I chose to just squeeze it onto the spoon. Baby Al was enjoy the sweet taste of apple. Naturally I had a little taste test myself and I could really taste the apple as well as a gentle hint of parsnip behind it. I could just about taste the carrots but the apple most certainly took control and made this meal sweeter, perhaps more enjoyable for babies who may find root vegetables a bit yucky. Baby Al was not doing his usual super squeaky noises but he was more then happy to eat every single spoonful and was almost disappointed that he had eaten it all up.

Ella's Kitchen baby food comes in very handy little pouches, so if you are out and about you need not worry about a bowl! And because they have re-screwable  tops they can be put in the fridge for 48 hours after being opened. These tops are far better then the jarred food tops, which I find tricky to get back on properly without worrying that it's not on right. I spend a stupid amount of time trying to get lids back onto jarred baby food, it's frustrating! Ella's Kitchen have come up with a better way of keeping food, healthy food at that, safely stored and easy to carry around. And when they are able to they can simple suck on the straw and have a fun meal at home or in the pushchair!

Sadly my local Morrisons doesn't sell that many in the way of baby foods so I don't have their pricing from their stores. However I do have several other supermarket prices for you to check out in your local stores.
Tesco: 94p
Sainsbury's: 99p
Asda: 95p
Boots: 99p

- Easy to use.
- Healthy and organic.
- Handy to keep in your bag when out and about.

- Apple was overpowering the taste of the other vegetables.
- The lemon juice was also rather strong too compared to the vegetables.

And our judges have discussed their opinions together and have come back with their scores!

Baby Al's Rating: 7/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 6/10

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