Sunday, 12 December 2010

Ideas for Stocking Fillers

Are you stuck for stocking filler ideas for your little ones? Here's a helpful list of ideas for all sorts of ages to enjoy when the find their stocking filled with lots of little gifts.

  • Stacking Cups - if your little one doesn't have any yet go get some. Even if they aren't ready to stack them they will fully enjoy the banging sounds against the table and each other. And who knows, maybe your little one will surprise you and show you how smart they really are! You can even get them from supermarkets. Ours were a gift from my parents who saw them in their local Morrisons for a real bargain!
  • Books - At a very young age you'll find children will enjoy simply taking in all the pictures and letters on each page and even try opening and closing the book. They are never too young to read to, and I'd suggest any of the That's Not My... range and The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Highchair toys - If your child is old enough to be in a highchair then why not get a highchair toy for them to play with whilst you are busy getting their food prepared. If your child is small then make sure the toy isn't too high up for them to enjoy.
  • Rattles & Teethers - If you're little one is still very young for big toys and perhaps cannot sit up on their own then rattles and teething rings may be perfect. They are cheap, come in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes as well as easy to get from any shop.
  • Soft Toys - We all love soft toys, no matter what age we are. They are a comfort to many children and also fun to play games with. You can get soft chime balls or even cuddly toys of your child's favourite Disney character.
  • Food Boxes - For as long as I can remember I always got small packs of different treats in my stocking that I would either scoff down or make it last for as long as possible. I remember it use to be Cadbury buttons and the like but now it's After Eights and few times I've had a pack of for Ferrero Rocher. But I'm sure your child is not into those sorts of things yet so maybe some Baby Biscuits, Rusks. If you have a toddler then Organix Christmas food box might be of interest along with all the different Christmas boxes you can get at your supermarket.


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