Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Review: Organix Soft Rusks

Organix food has been a favourite of ours from day one. The Baby Biscuits are still our top food product for little ones, but what about their Soft Rusks?

At first my boy gave these a try at the age of seven months old and was not really keen on the taste of them as a finger food compared to the baby biscuits, however he was enjoying them when crushed and mixed with his usual formula milk and would have it for breakfast or as a dessert after a proper meal.  Over time he got interested in new finger type food and started to enjoy bits of wholemeal bread given to him in small chunks. I thought now was the chance to give these rusks another try and placed one onto his highchair table. Instantly he went for it and began sucking and chewing away like crazy.

The downside to rusks are they are fairly sweet. Organix instead of using sugar they use grapefruit juice instead, but there are always natural sugars. Rusks should really be given as a sort of treat and not something they eat with every meal. Baby Al will have a pack of two every other day and tends to have one of them at lunch time and another one after dinner, this is mainly because lunch for us has become more of a light meal in the day and usually consists of a yogurt and some sort of finger food as he just can't get enough of this idea of putting food in your own mouth with your hands idea!

I'm having to use the internet only this time we we're snowed in! But what I was able to find online was a mixture of prices. Tesco come up with being the cheapest with Asda fairly far behind them. I only ever go to Boots for any special offers and for the extra points, but for baby food it tends to lose to supermarkets.
Asda: £1.57
Tesco: £1.26
Boots: £1.60
Lloyd's Phamacy: £1.89

- Easy and simple.
- Can keep a pack of two in your bag when out and about.
- Can be crushed and mixed with baby's usual milk or given as is.

- High sugar (however lowest of most rusks out there).
- Very messy to clean up!

And the judges have come back with their final scores...

Baby Al's Rating: 6/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 6/10

Looks like the judges are in agreement this time round. Enjoy your Christmas!


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