Thursday, 16 December 2010

Review: Ella's Kitchen Lovely Lamb Roast Dinner [Stage 2]

We reviewed Ella's Kitchen not long ago but now it's onto their second stage food! I've actually found getting my son to eat any jarred food that is of this stage to be near to impossible so this was going to be an interesting taste test.

Having had no success moving my 8 month old boy onto lumpier food I had been suggested to give pouched baby food a go as it's more about texture then big lumps. I'm glad I did give it a go as this was true! Ella's stage two meals are textured rather than big lumpy food that you tend to find in the jars, making the transaction from first food fairly easy, specially for us. Lamb was a new meat for him and I hadn't eaten lamb since my partner's Christmas work dinner last year! Baby Al had a few spoonfuls and didn't seem to show a displeased look on his face, so I tried a little bit and I could understand why from just trying a small amount of the food. The texture was there and you could feel the potato as well as taste the vegetables, lamb and the hint of mint. This give my thumbs up and made me rather envious of him having lamb when I was having (burnt) beef steak with (slightly burnt) potato waffles and (overcooked) beans. Lucky boy, I say! I found myself squeezing the last few drops out as he just wanted more. He probably would have eaten another one of these pouches if I had one, but he had to settle with a few rice cakes instead.

The stores that I was able to check out all seemed to be the same-ish price for Ella's Kitchen Stage Two food.
Asda: £1.28
Tesco: £1.28
Sainsbury's: £1.28
Morrisons: £1.27

- Textured instead of lumpy like jars go for in this stage.
- Tasty!
- Easy to carry on you.
- Different meal to what other companies have, offering your baby a new taste.

- Tricky to get the last bit out and requires lots of squeezing.
- Bit more then I'd like to pay for a single meal.

And the judges have come back with their scores...

Baby Al's Rating: 8/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 7/10

So if you're having problems feeding your baby lumpier food then why not give Ella's Kitchen a try! We recommend it!


JennaKeller said...

wow this sounds very tasty..not tried Ella's Kitchen before so may have to give it a go. reasonable prices aswell for what you get xx

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