Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I Dream of an iPad

I keep telling myself I cannot afford one, it's a waste of money, I have an iPhone and should be happy with that. Sadly none of these stick and soon find myself drooling over the product on Apple's website, praying one day that maybe I'll somehow win one or someone will give me one to review or as a gift or maybe we win the lotto. All of these are super unlikely to happen, but I can dream, right?!

I admit to being a bit of a fan of gadgets and geekery of the sorts. I'm a World of Warcraft player and we own an XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. The there's the many handheld consoles we own, PSP each and a Nintendo DS Lite each so making a total of two PSPs and two Nintendo DS Lites in our household. Yes even the man in my life is a gamer and computer nerd, but he is an IT Consultant so his love for computers at least pays for us to enjoy the leasures of video games! The PlayStation 3 was not a brilliant buying move really. He got a bonus that month and I kept squealing how I'd love a PlayStation 3. Deep down he did as well so of course it had to be bought and placed between the other two consoles. The XBox 360 on the other hand is our... errr.. I lost count how many we have owned. Many of our past ones suffered the "Red Ring of Death" which you can see in the image and basically means sending the console back to Microsoft. Before we lived together he had bought me my very own XBox 360 for Christmas. A few months later I moved in with him and we now had two of the same console! Both of these consoles have new homes now as we bought the new sexy black one which can connect to Kinect if we decide to buy it.  And for the Wii I was a very naughty student and spent what was left on my student credit card (I also traded a bunch of old games in as well) to get the very last Wii in Leicester. I was so darn lucky, but so stupid. I guess being a gamer does bad things to your wallet!

In the end of the day my love for games, gadgets and geekery will always be a nasty wallet-eating habit and having my partner suffer with the same disease does, if you think about it, have some advantages!


Geek Mummy said...

I'm busy trying to persuade the geekdaddy to sell his XBox 360, as it's packed up in a box and hasn't been played with for ages. Strangely we love the PS3, and use it as our main DVD/Blu-Ray player. We also use it as a media player as well.

If you're anything like me, you'll be completely unable to resist the iPad once you get it in your hands. I thought my iPhone was the best thing ever until I got my hands on the iPad. The bigger screen makes such a difference to stuff like web browsing and email.

Our Wii was a very overpriced one, bought off eBay so that we had it for our New Year's party the year they were released, because we hadn't been organised enough to pre-order one!

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