Friday, 21 January 2011

Must Have For Mums - Ikea POÄNG Armchair

Are you considering getting a feeding chair for the nursery? You will be in for a shock when you see the prices! But do not worry as there is a cheaper option to buying a £150 rocking chair. Ikea have saved the day with their POÄNG series of Armchairs, perfect for feeding your baby in as they are comfortable and you can gently bounce it to rock your baby in your arms for those nasty nights.

The POÄNG series of armchairs has a modern and simple look to them and have been pointed out by other mums as being a really good and cheaper alternative to a nursing chair. They start at much lower cost then a nursing chair (which I will point out are comfy, but I simply cannot afford one!) at just £60.60 for the chair and cover and you can buy an extra cover for less than £15 or higher if you would like something a bit more fancy. They are also lightweight and fairly simple to put together. We have ours next to the cot and use it for the bedtime feed and if nothing gets him back to sleep then I'll set up shop there in our POÄNG and let him cuddle up to me until he settles down. And for someone who suffers with a bad back I can say this chair really does help due to it's unique shape. If you don't mind paying a little more for the rocking chair version you their starting prices are £90.90 and go up depending on the design you would like. But the cheap version can still be gently bounced and Baby Al seems to find it soothing. There is also a stool to go with the POÄNG chairs, which starts at £16.33 and goes up depending on the fabric. A nice little extra option to consider so you can put your feet up and relax.

We were actually fairly lucky in how we got hold of ours. My parents bought one back when there was only one version of the chair and decided as they had moved house and gotten new sofas in their living room that they would like to go a bit fancy and get a leather POÄNG that went with the sofas. In the end they bought a whole new one and offered the original one to us. It's the very basic one with the very cheap white cover, but I don't care much for the colour, heck at least white goes with both a boy and girl room!


Hayley said...

Hi there! What a great idea! I never thought of those chairs when I was looking for a nursing chair!
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