Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sleepy Baby

Many people have asked both my fiancé and I how we got our son to sleep through the night. I was kind of expecting things to be hard but it wasn't really. Sure to begin with we had a couple of bad nights, but he just got into the swing of things and... he mastered it! So here is what we do as part of our bedtime routine.

Bath Time - First thing we do is make him a bath using Little Me Organics Bubble Bath. If it's time for his hair to be washed, which we do only a couple of times a week, then we use Little Me Organics Hair & Body Wash. He has grown to love his bath and enjoys his toys and splashing the water. It gets some of his energy out ready for bed.

Brush Teeth - He has four teeth now and it's important to care for your child's growing teeth. We use Milk Teeth toothpaste which so far seems to be the only stuff he lets us put anywhere near his mouth!

Ready For Bed - Dry him off and put him in his sleepsuit. Since it's gotten cold we have been using a baby sleeping bag to make sure he is warm all through the night as he would wriggle and kick the covers off him and get cold.

Lights off, Bottle Time! - My fiancé feeds him in the nursery with the light off, just the night light on and a little bit of light from the hallway. This just helps him realise that it's night time and the bottle fills him up and makes him sleepy.

Bed Time - After he is burped we place him into bed and put his lullaby light on. Some times he's fallen asleep already during the feed, other times he may take some time. We tend to leave him for an hour and if he hasn't settled by then we go check on him and try the lullaby light again. Last step is holding him as if he gets that straight away he will soon learn he can have his way every night.

That's basically all we do. We started this at about 3 months old, adding things like the brushing of teeth when they came through and he was eating food. Hope that helps others in some way. You can also read to your little one. Just find something that suits your lifestyle and stick to it.


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