Thursday, 20 January 2011

My New Years Resolutions

Okay I know this is late but I was sick for half of the holiday period and didn't really think of any good ones until after the New Year had arrived. So here is my list of what I hope to do for 2010.

Take Baby Al Swimming - I wanted to do this early on but never did. My excuse can't really be anything to do with lack of transport or it'll take ages to walk there because our pool is literally 5 minutes walk down the bottom of our road! I want him to enjoy swimming and I want to also have fun as well.

Start work on my E-Book - I've wanted to do this many times in the past but had no idea how to make one. Now that I know I shall hopefully have my first E-Book out by September and perhaps get a second book out before the end of 2011, but let's just see how the first one goes, shall we?

Earn at Home - Hopefully the above Resolution will be helping me earn a bit of money. I love being a parent and if I can afford to stay at home with my child (or children if we ever have another!) I'd be over the moon. Sure there's moments I could scream and pull my hair out, but being here for my boy has been an amazing experience and I hope to keep being there for him as much as possible both physically as a parent and as an earner in this household.

Save Money - We're getting tighter! We got our electric bill and it's gone up AGAIN! We have loads of those awful Halogen lights around the flat so decided to swap some of them for LED energy saving ones and see what we think of them. Also trying to learn to fill the kettle to the amount needed only and turn lights off when not in a room or going back into that room. We did also go a little overboard with pizza delivery this month, but we were both sick and didn't really get to enjoy New Years or Christmas without coughs and colds all over the place. They were oh so very tasty but tad too much money!


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