Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Petit Life - Catalogue Clothes

Being a petit lady of a mere five foot two inches tall I suffer the evil curses of fashion where companies seem to believe if you are of this size you must have longish legs. Every time I go try on some jeans in a shop it is like they are saying "surely you have legs of a giraffe?" and "what kind of weird woman are you not having long legs?!". This hits me hard considering my legs are actually longer then the rest of my body, oh if only I were taller I'd have the legs of a model and a body to go with. But the one thing I hate so much as a petit woman, what really gets my teeth grinding against one another are... Fashion Catalogues!

Every new year another new catalogue comes out for women to buy new fashionable clothes from. I see the TV advert and the clothes the models are wearing look great, I feel excited and prepared to find out the name. But then just before I find out the company's name the screen says "From sizes..." and lists the sizes that are not mine. It seems I am cursed for being petit and slim! I don't like to talk about my size but for this I will tell you all. I am a size eight lady (and before anyone asks how I got rid of my baby belly - it just went!) and I bet women reading this are going "oh I'm so jealous!". No, don't be! Catalogues do not believe anything below a twelve exists, and if you are short then you are even less likely to find anything to fit you. And yes I have tried gaining weight but it just falls off me, and as much as I'd like to tell you all my secret on how I can eat a whole chocolate cake and still be only a size eight, truly there is no secret and I'm just weird like that. The only way I have gained any sort of weight was from having to go to so many Christmas Dinners in December and also eating many leftovers.

So what I'd like to see in the future is less of these catalogues for the larger women and more fashion for the shorties like me! For we too need clothes to look good also and do not wish to spend our days buying long legged trousers and sewing them up or shirts where the arm length is so long we have to turn them up several times. We are not alien! We are petit and proud!


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