Friday, 7 January 2011

Must Have For Mums - Mothercare Medicine Dispenser

When our son went through his first teething pain he was pretty upset about it all and we turned to the well known teething gel. This has got to be the biggest waste of time and money ever as any parent will tell you their child will simply lick it off and the numbing effect that it should give on the gum doesn't stand a chance. Baby Al would suck the gel right off my finger, all because I blinked for a second! So our back up plan was some Calpol. We bought the two months old and over stuff and tried giving it to him using the spoon but he didn't understand and most of the time just choked. It was a bother and we felt awful hearing our boy crying due to the pains he was having to go through

But then one day I saw this little gadget and grabbed it straight away! And it is the most used and most handy product I have ever bought. The only issue I have with it is you cannot sterilise it in the microwave, only cold water. I learnt that from doing rather than reading! Of course this works much better when baby is on their back otherwise doesn't get all of the medicine and also just fill it up with spit, the reason he's sat up on the photograph is simply to show it off and leave me free to take the picture. I do think this is well worth the £5.99 price tag.


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