Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My Kingdom for a Pushchair!

Okay maybe not my whole Kingdom. How about the bath tub? No really, my bath tub for a decent pushchair! Anybody interested?

You see when I was pregnant my parents bought me a Hauck Condor which came with everything and was just £149.99 from Tesco Direct at the time. It gave us everything we needed and wasn't too expensive. The problem however was it wasn't fitting for our home. We live on a second floor flat where there is no lift as they no longer are required to put lifts into appartment buildings anymore, only that the ground floor flats must have wider doors throughout for wheelchair access. Some of you may know that pushchairs are not lightweight and the best ones tend to be the ones that weight nearly the same as you. I do like our Hauck pushchair but it was killing my back!

My partner's parents gave us a hand-me-down stroller when Baby Al was able to sit himself up but it's so old the wheels at the front barely work, and there's no space under it to even put the raincover in, so I have to either not take it with us or put it on and see if it does rain whilst I'm out. It's very nice of them to give us a stroller but it's awful and I'm pulling my hair over how much I dislike it, but saying so would make me look like a right git.

So I'm asking for help, my bath tub for a simple stroller that is lightweight enough to drag up two stories of stairs, folds neatly, comes with rain cover and has space to hold the cover underneath. Simple... isn't it?


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