Sunday, 16 January 2011

Petit Mom's New Friend

Lately our little man has been real clingy and the moment I go to leave the room, just before I go out of the door, he whimpers and then lets out a loud cry. Honestly you'd think I was abandoning him but all I want to do is make my lunch! We have an open plan living room kitchen area and sometimes I put him facing the kitchen on the floor with some toys and then go do what I need to do in the kitchen. This sometimes works fine but there are days where he puts his arms up and grabs onto my trousers before I walk away, trying to work up some big tears to pull at my heart strings.

Snack Pots have become my lunch time meal now as all you have to do is add hot water, stir and recover for 5 minutes. I can pop the kettle on, play with Baby Al til it boils, put the water in and stir well and then come back to him for more play before he even works himself into a fit. Tesco and Asda sell these (I'm sure other supermarkets do too but these are my main stores for our shopping) and tend to cost between 50p to 67p per pot. They also do healthy options as well if you are really concerned on your daily intakes but find yourself unable to make a nice healthy meal at lunch time. You can get couscous, mash or pasta ones. How much more simple could they get and for a cheap price as well? Thumbs up!


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