Monday, 17 January 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 1

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

A great idea that Mummy From the Heart started off. Hopefully I can stick to this!

Number 1: My local baby club at the library has started again!

It was great to see the little ones again and how much they have grown over the Christmas period. Amusing to many was when Baby Al decided to give Mila a cuddle, filling the whole room with "aww" from mummies, but then he moved his left arm around to her mouth and tried to take her dummie! Made us all laugh, even if he did spend the rest of the day hunting down more dummies to take.

Number 2: We finally have a clean flat!

Okay so it's not totally clean, but it is thanks to my partner's mom and his sister that our flat looks less like a garage dump and more like a place to live. It got so depressed and someone who suffers from depression this was making it worse as I simply got so depressed I could barely get myself out of bed due to lack of energy. I just wanted to sleep all day, that's how I end up when I get real bad. My [one-day-will-be]-mother-law came round with a vaccuum in hand (we don't even own one!) and teabags for when we need a tea break, whilst Baby Al spent time with his Grandad and then next day spent it all with his Auntie which meant I could  finally get the ironing done which could have been discovered and named as a mountain by explorers.

Number 3: He's finally chewing!

Baby Al has always been more of a finger food baby then anything else, but he would put the food in his mouth and suck it. Now that his fourth tooth is appearing (oh don't we know about it!) he has started to chew properly instead of putting something big in his mouth, choking and then sucking on it til it's tiny bits all over his clothes and our floor. Now he'll place a rice cake, biscuit or banana slice into his mouth, chew on it and if any bits start to pop out he'll grab it before it does and put it back in. Chewing his food like a big boy. I'm so proud! Now he's eating stage two jarred food without complaining so now I shall be making food with lumps in it myself.


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