Monday, 17 January 2011

Review: Organix Shepherd's Pie with Rosemary

Thanks to the kind people at Organix we got given the chance to try some of their all new stage two jar food which will be out soon. First we gave the Organic Shepherd's Pie with Rosemary a go and here is what we thought of it.

As this is a second stage food it has a few bits for your baby to start to learn to chew. The bits in this jar were fairly small and were mainly carrot and parsnip, the rest of the food was very much mashed. I decided to warm this food up in a bowl as it was a bit thick when I first tried to give him a few spoonfuls and he wasn't too keen on it. Heating it up just made the mashed food a little more lighter and watery, something he seems to prefer most of the time. Taste wise it's actually very nice! If it was not mashed up and came on a plate in shepherd's pie form I'd probably eat it all up! The jar holds 190g in it, although most of the time I've found Baby Al will eat half of one of these size jars at dinner time and then have either a yogurt or a few Organix Rice Cakes. You can store some leftover unheated food in the jar for one day in the fridge so if your child is like mine and has a small belly you can always finish the jar off the next day. And as for parents concerned about what they are feeding their children then Organix are the perfect brand for you as they only use organic food in their products with no salts, preservatives or colourings added into any of their products. They also kindly list how much of each vegetable was used so you too can give it a go and make your own.

But did we have any problems with this? Actually... no. None. Baby Al was happy to eat as much as his little belly would allow and was not unhappy with the taste and I too found the taste rather nice. The lumps are simple and not too big so would give this a thumbs up as a stage two food. Really the only issue we had was had to warm it up a little bit just to soften it, but that's pretty much it.

You  will find this and other new Organix jarred food (some of which we shall be reviewing soon enough) will be on sale in Tesco NOW, Asda 7th February and in Boots sometime at the end of February and they are priced at 80p a jar (RRP).

- Very tasty!
- Small lumps of vegetables are easy to chew.

- Not really a good food to eat straight from the jar, needs heating up first.

And judges are having a good long discussion on their thoughts and opinions on this product. Let's see what they have come up with as their final scores.

Baby Al's Rating: 7/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 6/10

A positive outcome from both judges, so don't forget those dates as we suggest you go get some of these jars for your little one to enjoy!


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