Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Young Mom... and proud!

I'm lucky to always look younger then I really am, I never really thought being a mom at twenty-four was that young until a few months before I gave birth. A woman who looked like she'd smoked her life away and didn't dress her age (no one likes to see that much saggy wrinkly skin on show, thank you!) breathed out her disgusting smoke, looked me up and down and then with what felt like a cold and cruel stare that froze me to the spot she grunted rather loudly the W word.

At first it kind of made me realise how young I really am and made me feel rather down. I did not really speak about this because I didn't really know how to fix such a problem without somehow magically turning twenty-nine (if I have that sort of magic I staying in my twenties for as long as possible!). I then realised this is such a sterotype, because I look young and I'm pregnant therefore I am "easy-going" and everything else that people label young mothers. It's so wrong and unfair to label us all the same, and it's mostly because of the media who have made unfair news articles and one-sided documentaries.

Today I felt I needed a lift and went around town and tried on some outfits. Of course these outfits cost a fair bit, but I didn't really care! It gave me ideas and was a fun time spent whilst little one was napping in the pushchair. Lots of young looking outfits I thought I looked real great in and would never have dared to try half the stuff I was trying on in the changing rooms. It was a confidence boost in a funny sort of way, even if I couldn't afford those £75 boots. I can dream!


Laura Nelson said...

I completely agree, I'm 22 myself and fell pregnant when I was 20 (my fiance was 27), however this was planned and finace and I's decision. We already had the big house, 2 cars, great jobs and a dog! So why not have a baby? I always wanted children young so we decided to go for it. But you always get the odd hateful person in the street looking at you as if you're far too young to have a child when they don't know your circumstances. Shame on them I say, you should never judge a book by it's cover unless you know the story ;)


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