Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Review: Shloer Soft Drinks

Over Christmas 2009 I was pregnant and Christmas tends to be one of the two times of the year where I have at least one drink (New Year's Eve being the other). Shloer was the drink I had as an alternative to alcohol, so when I was asked if I would like to review some of their drinks I was more than happy to!

White Grape
This was one of my first Shloer drinks and I fell for it straight away. It looks very much like most white wines but without the alcohol involved. It's got a sweet but sharp flavour to it that is quite refreshing and enjoyable. If I was asked to pick between a glass of white wine and a glass of Shloer White Grape then I'd take the Shloer, as it just tastes nicer and you don't have to worry about how much you are drinking!

Apple & White Grape
The apple in this really gives it a juicy and sweeter flavour compared to the white grape on its own. When it comes to wines I always prefer the fruity ones, specially from Australia. This reminds me of those fruity tastes but without the overwhelming power of alcohol that you get in all wines. If you like fruity and sweet then this is for you, otherwise you may wish to stay clear of it.

So what did we like and dislike about this product?

- Non-alcoholic.
- Cheaper then any bottle of decent wine.
- Great for parents and pregnant women.

- Very sweet taste, if you don't like sweet drinks then this isn't for you!
- Easy to drink lots very quickly.
- Too fizzy.

Sadly this drink is a little too old for Baby Al to test so it's just the one judge today.

Petit Mom's Rating: 7/10

It's just way too fizzy, but it's an enjoyable alcohol free drink for just £1.99 per bottle. Thanks for reading!


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