Thursday, 17 February 2011

Beauty Tips For Busy Mums [Guest Post]

Our first Guest Post is about beauty tips for a busy mum. Do you feel you simply don't have time or money to spend on making yourself look good? Kizzy from Pampered Mummy is here to help you with some handy advice!

Vaseline is my number one product for busy mums. It is so versatile, apply to lips as lip balm, eyebrows to tame unruly hair, eyelids if you have no time to apply eyeshadow, hands as an at home paraffin wax treatment (best done by applying the vaseline before putting on your marigolds on and your hands into hot water!)

If you can only afford to buy one quality skin care product, then buy a good moisturiser.

If you run out of cleanser, then use baby lotion instead as an alternative.

To make your foundation last longer, apply with a brush or dampened sponge and use a primer first.

Buy a baked blusher as it will last longer and can be used as eyeshadow as well.

If you have dry or brittle nails, apply a small amount of oil to your cuticles before going to bed. Sweet almond oil or olive oil will do.

To keep your hands in tip top condition, exfoliate before applying moisturiser 2 - 3 times a week. You can make up your own using olive oil and sugar.

If you want to use eyelash curlers, always curl them before applying your mascara.

As a busy mum, the one product I swear by is a good quality under eye concealer to reduce dark circles, I use Vie at Homes Out of the Shadows, but there are many more available.

Post by Kizzy Bass of Pampered Mummy.


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