Sunday, 6 February 2011

My Pet Hates: Supermarkets

Maggie and I agree - "You Suck"
I don't know when this started and why supermarket shop assistants seem to think it's okay to do this, but what I do know is that it's a pet hate of mine. What am I talking about? I hate it when I'm still packing my shopping up and start sending out other people's shopping down my way.

When I go to Asda, Tesco or my local Morrisons I get the same treatment. It's very much a 'you've paid, now get out of the way' response. This is very bad customer care, I just bought products from your store and helped pay your wage, I do not take kindly to you barely making eye contact with me and thinking it is okay to shove other people's shopping towards my semi-packed shopping bags. Are you saying I can let them pay for these and I can bag them up for myself? No you're not! You are just being rude and unthoughtful about your customers.

These days I get around it. When I did a big shop I'd always get asked to pay before I had finished packing and I would instantly panic and fumble about in my bag for my wallet. I no longer do this. To me they should be made to wait and allow me to finish packing my shopping. Heck if there's more than one bag I will put some of them away under the pushchair and the person behind the till can give me the biggest and grumpiest face in the world, I will finish what I am doing and then I will pay for my shopping. It works like a charm, other people should do it and not feel pressured to pay when in the middle of packing.

So Supermarkets and their checkout assistants... you suck!


Laura Nelson said...

I agree, I find this very annoying. I too normally wait till I put all my bags away then I pay. Brilliant tip and more people should do this :)

Anonymous said...

I have noticed in recent months that (at least in Tesco and Asda) they always ask if I want help with my packing. I don't usually accept it as I'm happy to pack myself, but what I usually do is finish packing 99% of my stuff before I even consider paying. Even if they've put all my stuff through the tills, I'll bag it before getting my wallet out. It just means that when I have paid, I'm good to go.
As you say, their job is to serve us, and if I take another 30 seconds to finish packing, then its no skin off their nose. They don't get paid based on the number of people they serve. They get paid regardless.

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