Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Review: Little Me Organics

The people at Little Me Organics send me three of their lovely products for our us to try out, each one from a different line. These lines include Shhh Sleepy Head, Yippeee Playtime and Mmm Moisture Babies. Here's what we thought of each of them.

Yippeee Playtime - Bath Bubbles
I just love the smell of this as I drop a little into his bath. It foams fairly well too. Not really sure if Baby Al cares that much himself as he is more than happy to just splash about and play with his toys in the water, but I do find it to leave a lovely scent and his skin feels lovely.
Price:  £3.99

Shhh Sleepy Head - Body Cream
Gorgeous scent! I had to be a tad careful with this as my boy does have a few dry spots which require some special cream from the doctors to clear up once in a while, but when I did put this on him I couldn't help but enjoy the lovely smell of dill and lavender. And so far every night I have used this he's drifted off without whimpering or crying. Sound asleep and dreaming of a room filled with bottles of warm milk and endless supply of yogurts, no doubt.
Price: £4.99

Mmm Moisture Babies - Hair & Body Wash
I have found this to be easy to use and left Baby Al's hair softer compared to what we used before for his hair. I've used it on his body a few times and seems to not upset his skin, a problem we have specially around his chest in the past.
Price: £4.49

- Lovely smell from all three baby ranges.
- Didn't irate the skin.

- Expensive!

So what did our judges think of Little Me Organics' baby range? Time to find out!

Baby Al's Rating: 5/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 6/10

Petit Mom really likes the wonderful organic aromas they have given their products, but was a bit put off by the price tags. Baby Al was far too busy enjoying his bath toys. Typical!

These products were kindly provided by Little Me Organics.


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