Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Petit Baby Syndrome

My son is a little baby for his age. This can be a problem as not only do I get comments from people saying he's small for his age but I find myself looking at other babies and those who are the same age as him are huge compared to Baby Al and last week I met a little baby who was only 4 months old and yet he was the same size as my 10 month old.

All this does make me paranoid that I am not feeding my son enough food or the right things. He loves fruit, vegetables, meat, and so on. About the only two things he doesn't like are cheese (on it's own, loves it as a sauce with his greens) and broccoli. I find myself in some sort of panic as I go into the cupboard to pick something that will make my son grow. Daft, right? I know it is but this is what it has come down to, all because a few people pointed out that he's small for his age and from my eyes overlooking that others are bigger than him.

I have a baby boy who would eat all day if I let him. Right now he's just had breakfast less then an hour ago and even after all the filling and healthy breakfast food he has just had he still wants more. So he's munching on a couple of grapes, a new fruit for him that he seems to love so much that he has to stare at each grape for a good long time before considering to eat it and then finally biting down on it. There are days where I think maybe I should give him some biscuits instead of fruit, but another side of me thinks if I just fed him biscuits he may end up unhealthy and I'd blame myself for the rest of my life and he'd be bullied at school and... aarghhhh! I know, I know, I am one crazy lady.

The thing is, and I say this because I don't want to end this with you worrying your child isn't eating enough and becoming like me, you should only be concerned when they stop gaining weight or lose weight. And don't go rushing to the scales every hour of every day. You can get your child checked by a health visitor. At first they tend to say come in every 1-2 weeks and then every month and so on. This is because at first babies gain weight like no tomorrow and by about 6 months old it starts to slow down, I use to see Baby Al put on 1lb a week when he was newborn and now he's doing that once a month.

If you have concerns about your child's weight gain then speak to your Health Visitor or GP.


Michelle said...

I had similar worries about DD, she was tiny as baby, under all the lines of chats etc, but they grow at their own pace and she's now a normal sized nearly 4 year old. Quite clever how they just do their own thing and eat when they need to and grow when they're ready. Just enjoy the dinkyness while you can!

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