Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Review: Mamas & Papas Quackers & Scoopies Bath Toys

We were offered by the kind people of Mamas & Papas to review some of their bath toys as part of reviewing their Mr Turtle which we reviewed earlier in the year. Here are our thoughts of the Quackers and Scoopies Bath Toys.

Quackers Bath Toys

Very colourful, I wouldn't really call them ducks as they are very artsy and designer and to me a rubber duck has eyes at the very least. The colours did catch Baby Al's interest and sometimes he wouldn't let go of the baby duck so one of them would always end up from the bath to his changing mat.

The problem we had was the little ducks didn't stand up-right very long and would easily turn up-side-down. I found adding some water into them helped a little. But that said these cost £9 so you'd expect them to at least float.

- Colourful.
- Mother Duck comes with a water scoop.

- Expensive.
- Baby Ducks don't stay afloat.

And our judges have come back with their scores.

Baby Al's Rating: 6/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 4.5/10

Baby Al loves to put the Mother Duck in his mouth and chew it which helps soothe his teething pains, but they aren't the greatest bath toys we have.

Scoopies Bath Toys

There are three different toys and each has a water scoop toy. They are shaped like sea life creatures such as a fish, starfish and a jellyfish. These very all very colourful and will spray water.

Baby Al doesn't know how to get water into these yet, however he loves squeezing them and giggles like crazy at them. The scoops are of no interest to him at all, I think the problem is there's too many holes in them so the water comes out of the scoops way too fast.

These are £10 for the set. It's a bit more then I'd be willing to pay, but Baby Al has enjoyed them and all three of us love putting water into them and spraying each other.

- Colourful
- Fun to squeeze and spray water at one another.

- Scoops have too many holes in them.
- A bit too pricey.

So what did the judges think of these bath toys?

Baby Al's Rating: 6/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 5/10

We do like these ones more then the ducks, but the scoops are totally ignored and because of that both Baby Al and Petit Mom had to mark it down.

These product was provided by Mamas & Papas.


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