Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Review: Sheer Cover Mineral Make-up

Every woman should feel good about themselves, but when you are a busy mummy you may find you spend less time putting on your make-up then you ever did before. I was asked if I'd like to test and review Sheer Cover's Mineral Make-up range and here's what I thought.

I've always found make-up tricky to buy as my skin is fairly sensitive and many foundations just make my skin look a mess and feel mucky. I had not tried mineral make-up until Sheer Cover. I have to say I am very impressed with their mineral make-up range. It looks great, feels smooth and soft on my skin. I also don't feel like I'm wearing tons of make-up. My skin isn't itching and I look and feel wonderful with it on.

The lovely Sheer Cover Deluxe Kit has everything you need from Sheer Cover. It comes with two brushes, two different foundation shades, a duo concealer, mascara, a compact with lipgloss, eyeliner and highlighters and a tube of primer. You also get a guide and a DVD filled with really helpful tips and tricks for you to try out. The primer really helps and felt so soft and smooth on my skin so it's certainly something you should try out. The mascara is also one of my favourites, it wasn't messy and the brush was a good size for me to use. I find some brushes are too big and I end up making a right mess, with clumps of mascara sticking between eyelashes. Sheer Cover's mascara didn't seem to do this so thumbs up from me! Baby Al's Gran (that's my Mom!) tried it as well. She suffers badly with many make-up products on her skin and also cannot use perfume or anything with a scent to it as it. She found this make-up to be very good on her skin and had no problems with it at all.

You can get all this for £59.85 on their website (you can also pay monthly if you wish). I think if there was a more lipgloss I'd not mind this price as much, but I think the small amount of lipgloss is a downside to this great package of mineral make-up.

- Works well on Sensitive Skin.
- Mineral based make-up.
- Helpful guide and DVD with tips and tricks.
- Comes with two brushes.
- Mascara is great!

- Pricey for what you get.
- Not much lipgloss, highlighter and eyeliner.

As this is a woman's product it is left to Petit Mom to judge on her own. 

Petit Mom's Rating: 7/10

I like it very much, but the amount of lipgloss and eyeliner given is very small for the amount you pay. If you suffer with skin problems with most make-up products then mineral based make-up is the way to go!


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