Thursday, 3 March 2011

Review: Sodastream

Do you remember Sodastream? I do, my parents had one and I remember the glass bottles that had a swirly pattern around them for some reason. But it is now back and has a new modern look for the 21st Century! Here's what we thought of it after trying it out ourselves.

The man in my life (sometimes known here as the Not-So-Petit Dad) installed the cylinder of gas for me as I just knew if I tried to do it I'd not do it right. We tried a few sample flavours and were disappointed with the lack of fizz and it simply tasted like yucky semi-fizzy water. It later turned out that we were not pressing the button in far enough! We tried it again and we had succeed in getting fizzy drinks.

We tried the X-Stream as our very last sample and well... can anyone tell us what it is? All we know is we drank about half a cup each and didn't like it. Lemonade was my favourite and the Cola one was okay, but competing against Coca-Cola and Pepsi there's no contest that the big named ones taste far better. I also remember making fizzy Ribena when I was little and tried it again with the new Sodastream. I recommend it to all Sodastream users as fizzy Ribena is tasty!

It has been vastly improved and the idea of making your own drinks is a fun idea for everyone to enjoy, it is more ecologically friendly, however we have yet to find anywhere local that sells the cylinders or flavours which leaves us with having to buy online.

Since this is a product Baby Al is a bit too young to try we have Not-So-Petit Dad to judge for us.

Not-So-Petit Dad's Rating: 7/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 7/10

The judges are in agreement then! Improvements have been made to the Sodastream, but unless you can find somewhere local to buy the cylinders and flavours it can be a bit bothersome.


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