Friday, 4 March 2011

My Pet Hates: 3D Technology

I bet some of you are wondering why I have beef with 3D Technology and what on earth is has done to me. Did it kidnap my pet cat when I was a little girl? Did I go into a 3D movie theatre expecting the film to make me slightly jump as it came up to me only to have to reach out to me and steal my expensive 3D glasses? Or perhaps it stalked me for years and kept trying to call me? Of course none of these happened, although do feel like those glasses are bit expensive and the differences between 2D and 3D didn't seem that big of a deal to me. But my reason is more for health matters and how this will be a great way to leave a group of people out in the cold whilst the rest of us enjoy time with 3D as he buys us a round of drinks.

Have you been to a 3D movie that didn't work for you? Then you are not alone in the world. Many people simply cannot use 3D glasses or the technology behind 3D as it involves trickery with your two eyes. There are people who cannot do this because their eyes can't seem to get the two images on top of one another and there are those who don't have two fully working eyes. Not-So-Petit Dad only has one perfectly working eye and the other he can't see out of. Putting on 3D glasses won't work for him as you still need both eyes to work together in creating the image and those that do not require 3D also don't work for him either. What's annoying people such as Nintendo are saying it is the future, but what they are doing is cutting their audience up and saying those with good eyes can use their product and the others will be left out as if they have the plague or something.

The other thing that gets on my nerves is that people are ignoring the fact that using 3D Technology for long periods of time can give you nasty headaches and for young children whose eyesight is still developing can damage their sight, making the Nintendo 3DS a bit of a lark as a large area of their audience are children. Are they asking for their parents to watch over their children whenever they are using their new handheld console and time them? Of course I agree that kids shouldn't play video games all day long, but isn't the fun part of a handheld that you can travel with it on you so that when you get bored you just pull it out and play, or am I wrong in thinking this?

Lately Sky has been trying to push themselves out in the 3D world. A while back they were advertising one of their live shows being in 3D. Do I want to see a show about dancing in 3D? No, why the hell would I. If I did I'd go get tickets to see a musical or something. Do I want to pay even more every month so I can watch Sky Sports in 3D? No, if I was that stupid and have loads of cash I'd buy tickets to be at the game and get the best seats. And no way in hell do I ever want to see Sky News in 3D. Why on earth would I want to watch the disasters of the world in 3D?! What kind of weird person would want that? And I certainly don't want to see their presenters in 3D, most of them I don't even like and the rest I don't care about and thus have no urge to watch them as they magically pop out of my television.

3D Technology is NOT the future, at least not for all of us. I'm not willing to pay the insanely expensive TV, glasses, Sky box and video games consoles just so I can mock my fiancé how he can't see any of our new technology. I'd like to think I'm not that cruel.

So to 3D Technology I just want to say this... You Suck!


Geek Mummy said...

I am SO with you on this one! It feels like the entertainment industry have decided that 3D technology is the Next Big Thing, and they're pushing it with all their might.

I hate 3D. It's too invasive, too "in your face". I refuse to see a 3D showing of a film in the cinema, and I won't be buying a 3D TV.

I must confess to being tempted by the Nintendo 3DS, but only now I've found out you can turn the 3D off!!

Great post :)

Struck Matches said...

Helen. By this logic we shouldn't watch TV because it leaves blind people out. Radio leaves out deaf people which is completely unfair on them as well.

It's ridiculous to have a problem with a technology based on the fact that a small amount of the population can't use it.

Helen said...

And yet they don't have to pay the full licensing fee for TV if they wish to use TV or radio. Also there are such technology out there now for deaf and blind people. Subtitles have been around for a very long time for the deaf.
3D works really well with a huge screen and loads of space, but not everyone has a screen the size of their living room wall, let along have the room to make the experience a far more enjoyable one then 2D. 3D in cinemas is great because they offer the large screens, brilliant sound systems and large dark room. That's what makes it special in the theatre and what it'll never achieve in our front room or in our bedrooms.

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