Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Review: Sock Ons

I had seen these in Mothercare a few times when I was pregnant but didn't buy them as I was having a baby when the weather was getting nicer and socks weren't going to be worn all that much, but when the cold months came in I was finding socks to be a must-have. Sadly Baby Al didn't agree with the need for socks and soon I was finding lonely socks and never finding it's companion. Sock Ons to the rescue!

These are so simple to use. Just pop the sock onto your child's food and then put the Sock On over the sock. There's a hole for the heel to go into so it holds onto the foot and ankle, keeping the socks secure. We have not had a single sock disappear since using the Sock Ons. We are very chuffed with how well this product has worked!

Issues? None really as they do what they should do and very well!

- They keep the sock on!
- Various colours to choose from.
- Easy to use.

- Err none!

So what do the judges think about Sock Ons?

Baby Al's Rating: 9/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 10/10

They are currently £6 for 2 pairs at Mothercare which is a great deal. They don't upset Baby Al at all, he doesn't seem to notice them which has to be a good thing!

We shall be reviewing the Dribble On real soon so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for reading!

This product was kindly provided by Sock Ons.


geekmummy said...

The geekdaughter was forever pulling her socks off, and I found these an absolute godsend :)

Strangely the geekson doesn't have the same tendencies. Every baby is different!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I'd seen these when Jacob was small!

kateab said...

Oh how I wish these had been around when mine were small!

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