Monday, 16 May 2011

Real Nappy Week - The Beginning!

It's the start of Real Nappy Week (16th til 22nd May 2011) and I'll be blogging about real nappies over the next few days.

Last week I was on the Peter Levy Show on BBC Radio Humberside & Lincolnshire. If you were unable to listen to it then you can find it on the iPlayer. I'm on about 24 minutes into the recording. I'm still a tad too shy to have a proper listen to it as I have a thing about listening to myself. I've worked in radio before and hosted events in the past, you'd think I would be over this by now but I just get all embarrassed the moment I hear or see myself on screen! Is it just me who acts so daft when they hear themselves?

I'll also be giving you my thoughts on all sorts of different nappies which I have been testing out, some hard facts about disposable nappies and how going cloth could save you money and help our environment as well as useful links to websites too.

You may also see that I have changed my blog layout to suit my love for cloth nappies. I hope you like it!


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