Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Recipe: Strawberry Crunch Lunch

This can be served at breakfast time too, but I have been making this as a easy lunch time meal for my 12 month son who is learning to master the spoon. This has an interesting texture, healthy and great for mastering the spoon skill as it sticks to it so you won't find blobs of food all over your floor!

Suitable from 9 months old.


1/2 Wheat Biscuit
2 Small Pots of Strawberry Yogurt (or 1 Large)
Full Fat Milk

1. Crunch the biscuit up into a bowl.
2. Add the strawberry yogurt into the bowl.
3. Add a small amount of milk and stir. Add more milk if you desire or if you are feeding this to a baby whose still trying new food.

If you prefer to use your baby's usual milk instead of full fat milk that will work also.

What does Baby Al think of this?

Yummy, Mummy!


CWLB said...

I would eat that, and I'm 30!

Helen said...

I'm usually not a fan of yogurts but this is actually tasty! :)

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