Thursday, 5 May 2011

Review: Dribble On

You may have read my Sock On review and how pleased we were with them (if you haven't go read it!). We also got asked to try out the Dribble On. I decided to write two full reviews on both products so here's the Dribble On.

The Dribble On Bib has a terry cotton lining that draws the moisture, as well as looking like the next best fashion accessory for your baby. These super cool bibs that have hit the market come in a whole range of colours for you to choose from. I must admit I thought these were more a fashion accessory but having tried them out they really do work! Once again they have blown me away with another fantastic product that left my dribble monster's clothes dry all day long. And for £4.99 I must admit the price isn't all that bad either!

My issues? Sadly I do have a slight problem with this product. As my son has grown I have found it harder to put this product on. He's not a large baby so when it started to get a little tight and uncomfortable around his neck as he grew older I was somewhat sad to see it no longer in use.

- Easy to wash.
- Range of amazing colours!
- Good price.
- Keeps drool off your child's cloths!

- Was outgrown by the age of 12 months.

So what did our judges think of this drool locking bib?

Baby Al's Rating: 8/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 9/10

I wished it just lasted longer as it really is a brilliant product at a price I wouldn't mind paying.

This product was kindly provided by Sock Ons.


lollipoopmonster said...

cuteee! i love the baby's eyes. the Dribble On Bib accessory is very stylish and useful for mommies that cannot watch over their baby every minute of their time. this is one of the many Organic Baby Products that I would definitely recommend to all the mothers out there! :D

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