Tuesday, 11 October 2011

CybHer 2012 - Why I'd Be Awesome For Your Business!


Okay so I'm going to pimp myself out to companies who'd like someone to sponsor for CybHer 2012. So here goes!

Firstly here's a little bit about me. I'm a mother of one little boy who was born April 2010 making him a Spring child. Although I am only 5'2" in height I'm very easy to find in a large crowd thanks to my love of dying my hair mad colours. As I write this my hair is currently rather bright red instead of my dull and boring brown hair that I was born with (sorry, Mom!). Not only do I have wonderful crazy hair colours that make any rainbow jealous, but I'm also great when it comes to talking to people whom I have never met. I use to run charity events and found it so easy to talk to people I knew nothing about and people actually said how they liked that the chair-woman of the events wasn't behind closed doors and thought was great that I was out there asking people how they were and mingling. I do love a bit of mingling and boy do I love a good chat!

Now for the more serious stuff, what I can give your company if you choose to sponsor me. Well not only will my outgoing and somewhat whacky personality be a positive and great help in getting your business and your products known to your target audience (note: CybHer 2012 is an all female blogger's event) but I will also advertise and write about your business/products on my blog. Also whenever I write about CybHer 2011 I will add a link to your business' website. The advertising will stay up on my blog for for 12 months (so that means even after the show has been and gone!) and you'll continue to be linked through Petit Mom whenever a blog post is made about the event. So let's look at all of what I'm offering...

Large Banner (800x150 - below nagivation bar) for 12 months - £800
Feature Posts on Petit Mom (Max. 1 per month until May 2012) - £80 per feature
Your brand's website addresses added to every blog post I make that includes Cybher 2012  - Forever!

TOTAL = £1,200

Sadly I don't live in London and thus would require at least 1 night in a hotel plus travel. On the plus side I do live in Birmingham and trains are often and pretty good price as well. Below are rough prices.

The Number Crunch
Ticket - £100
Hotel - £100 (approx as I'm sharing with someone who has a sponsor)
Travel - £60 (approx - will get a better idea on cost closer to date but I also use Oyster card too)
TOTAL = £260

Okay hope this post has been of interest to someone out there. If you need anymore details about my blog, myself then feel free to contact me via twitter or email. If you'd like to know more about the event check out CybHer's website.


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