Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Too Young for Depression, My Arse!

When I was 16 years old I went to see the doctor about getting The Pill, for I was sexually active and knew the risks so made perfectly good sense to speak to my GP about it like a mature young lady, right? I came out with anti-depressants and told I would have to wait 2 months until she would let me have the contraception pill. I wished I had questioned this more and I wished I had just made an appointment to see a different doctor (I don't know what it is but me and female doctors simply do not get along) but it went tits up and I ended up pregnant.

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Now I wrote a few months ago as part of my Blogger's ABC my abortion and how it affected me back then and the fact it still affects me at present, but what I didn't write about was a doctor I met in this shit hole of a hospital (I won't name and shame... coughSCUNTHORPEcough) who had to weigh me, take my height and ask me about various things like any medication I am currently taking. I told him I was on anti-depressants and even told him the name of it. Do you want to know what his reply to a 17 year old girl whose on medication for depression and currently about to have an abortion was?

"You're too young for depression"

I felt awful when he said those words, but my depression had gotten to me so much by this point in my life that I just let his words eat at me. How dare he, a bloody doctor who should know better, say to someone whose mentally in a bad state that they don't need medication to help them all because of their age. This man only knew my name, my address and the small amount of details he took from me. He knew nothing about my mental state, nothing about my history. How could he say such words without thinking?

Well you know what? My arse can you be too young to be suffering from depression. Anyone can suffer with depression, be they young, old, black, asian, gay, straight. What really should be a concern was the fact a teenage girl required anti-depressants to bare life, and not by saying this with such a flippant manner. It is a cause for concern that any child should need anti-depressants. But hey I went to a school who thought bullying wasn't their problem (well until my mother refused to let me go there and then suddenly their tune changed - thanks for believing me, Mom!) and I know this still is the case in some schools who just rather hide the fact that kids are being bullied in their grounds. Because of this kids do end up depressed, kids do end up having to see a doctor and being offered medical help, kids do grow up and suffer for many years afterwards.

I had Maths here, 2nd floor. *Spit*
I blame my school for sucking at caring for it's students (unless they were A* students then they were given super special love and attention) a huge amount for many of the things in my life. didn't want to play the blame game but now I'm an adult and had told to think things over I can honestly say my school seriously screwed me and many other students over.

So thanks, Secondary School. You were about as helpful in my education as a chocolate fire guard around a fireplace. Also if a student is finding it hard to read that doesn't mean you can call them "stupid".

Also big thanks to the doctor who thought was a great idea to belittle a young lady about her medical problem saying how she did not need anti-depressants due to her age. Perhaps next time you should learn more about your patient before throwing such comments out.


Anonymous said...

I reckon my depression probably started when I was 14 - but as I was apparently attention seeking at school and making up the medical problems to get off PE (that subsequently required surgery and later transpired are a genetic condition that will be with me for life) I was 'just' a 'teenage thing' and therefore went untreated for years, and years, and years. It's still a battle but I have a fabulous GP - I try to avoid those Drs who've told me to be grateful for what I've got...

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