Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Why I'd Rock For Your Brand @ Brit Mums Live 2012

I'm once again putting myself out there like some sort of cattle market (I think I just called myself a cow) looking for a bidder willing to send me off to Brit Mum's Live 2012 in London. So here we go again!

Why Pick Petit Mom?
Petit Mom is a 5'2" young female that is full of life, loves to talk to people and very friendly. Okay so she'd a little on the short side, however with her crazy hair colours she will stand out of the crowd so much that everyone will see her even at a distance (more or less... I've not totally tested this out). She loves cloth nappies, owns a buttload of pushchairs, adores fashion (people call it window-shopping but it's the same thing in my world), sticking her hair into peroxide, My Little Pony (Seriously check it out, it's the awesome), her iPhone/iPad and Twitter. She loves a ton of things but the list would be long and bore you to death. She would be perfect for getting your brand out there and known by fellow bloggers and parents to help prove your relationship with them at such events like Brit Mums Live.

What Will Petit Mom Do For Your Brand?
Petit Mom is willing to wear a t-shirt with you brand's name on it and/or badge. Please bare in mind Brit Mums Live (and myself for that matter!) have some dignity and thus cannot go off wearing something silly at the event. She will also add your brand's logo and website address to her own business cards which will be handed to fellow bloggers. At the event she can also offer to take down people's contact details for you so if you are looking for more bloggers to help review and/or run competitions for your brand's product(s) then Petit Mom can do the work for you.

Other bonuses will include:
- Large Banner Advert for 12 Months (Normally £400)
- Feature Post on Petit Mom [Max. 1 per month right up until July 2012] (Normally £80 per feature)
- Your brand's website addresses added to every blog post I make that includes Brit Mum's Live 2012 (until Petit Mom passes away!)
TOTAL = £800 approx

Petit Mom's Blog also gets posted on various websites and social media sites as well.

The Number Crunchin'
This is the bit I hate the most but it has to be done... talking about cost. Some of these prices are rough estimates, however receipts can be sent out when available.

Ticket - £49.99
Hotel - £150
Travel - £60
TOTAL= £259.99

Pop over an email enquiry or tweet me on Twitter. Ask anything, get answers, simples!


Okay I don't really know what else to say, I guess. I shall end my begging and continue to blog properly from here on. Apologises to my readers whose been spammed by all this madness. Thanks for still reading!


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