Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Babysaurus Needs Your Votes!

Some of you may already know I setup a cloth nappy website called Babysaurus and could use some extra funds to help the website grow and the Babysaurus name out there. So I applied at Enterprise Nation's Funds 100 and told them my idea and looking for £500. It's not a huge amount but it'll do a buttload for the business so this is where you people come in and help me out.

Basically I need you to vote for Babysaurus. Every vote is worth £1. Don't worry you don't pay a single penny, it's free to vote and once I hit 500 votes I will have my funds and Babysaurus will be one happy dinosaur (he might even get a few dino friends to join him on his website!).

Please can you spare a bit of time to vote for Babysaurus on Enterprise Nation's website. You can Find Babysaurus' Funding Page here. I promise it won't take too long and it'll be a huge help for me and Babysaurus. Thank you!
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