Thursday, 1 March 2012

I Spy With My Little Eye... Stokke, Tommee Tippee and John Crane!

A while back I tweeted to John Crane about noticing a bike I was very sure was one of theirs. Sure enough they confirmed it and seemed chuffed that I had such eagle eyes (which isn't true as I wear super thick glasses and without them can't see past my nose). The bike was a Tidlo Balance Bike. Want proof?

Ben Fogle trying to get the washing machine on (he can climb mountains but apparently can't use a washing machine) and in the background is a red wooden balance bike. Can you see it? Here is the actual bike with the exact same two red dots on the side.

I thought to myself "oh nice catch" and that would be that. But today whilst putting Petit Boy's socks on we had Cbeebies on. At the time it was Numberjacks and crazy things were happening to people. A woman was in her lounge-dining room and I saw something that looked familiar. I tweeted to Stokke and their PR in a way that probably made me seem like a foaming-at-the-mouth crazy person. I told them the exact episode name and then started to watch the show via the iPlayer. Sure enough the lady came back and I caught a screenshot... whilst she was being hit by pink electric but please ignore that.

Earlier in the episode you could see a total of three Tripp Trapps, but here you can only really see the blue one (there's one around the other side of the table but hard to pick out). Now I can't really tell which Tripp Trapp colour it is but that blue one is setup for a baby and here's proof:

The Tripp Trapp in that Numberjacks episode looks pretty old and well used (surely they could have given it a lick of paint beforehand?!) so I couldn't say whether they sell that exact colour anymore or perhaps the lighting makes it look different.

So how did I notice these? Well I'm a weird person for starters, I notice very random things and ignore the important thing that I should be watching or listening to. I mean I can barely remember what happened in that Numberjacks episode (I know 3 was sent out but that's about it) and I had seen the Typhoo advert so many times I wasn't really listening to Ben anymore (sorry Ben, I like you but when you hear an advert 10 times a day you just sort of block it out) when I spotted the balance bike.

So this a new skill of mine? Should start sitting infront of my TV or PC scanning adverts and programs for product placements of our much loved baby products?

I should also point out in nearly every formula milk advert they use a Tommee Tippee sippy cup but with the logo removed for obvious reasons. I knew this because we had the exact same one. I should point out I'm showing this as an example, not because I'm against boob milk (it's your choice after all!).

One thing I did like about this advert is seeing a girl being given a BLUE cup. Yes girls can enjoy boy colours too, maybe we'll start seeing boys drinking from a pink cup.. we shall see! Here's the original cup.

Basically I guess what I'm saying is... if you are crazy like me you will easily spot some interesting placements of much loved products. Many of which don't realise they have been used and so will be surprised when someone tells them and moreso when they get a screenshot or link to youtube video!

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