Friday, 2 March 2012

John Crane is EVERYWHERE!

Okay that's a bit of an overreaction. I saw for a second a green dumper truck that looked like a John Crane toy. Thankfully for me Cbeebies shows their morning programmes again in the afternoon. This was Same Smile, a show I rather like as imagination into child's play and shows you everyone is the same but some people like things different, in this case today was about favourite places and one of the boys took a panda with him to see his Grandma. Now time for the spot the John Crane toy game!

Can you see it? Okay it's not exactly hidden but that was the first moment it was shown and then it just couldn't stop hogging the lime-light!

The boy picks it up and tells his Grandma he wants to give this Pintoy Green Dumper Truck as a gift for the panda to remember the fun day they had together. What a lovely gift, don't you agree?

Handed over, look how happy she is with a beautiful wooden dumper truck! As always any gifts the children give to the pandas to remember their special day together it goes in the Same Smile Suitcase which apparently also holds some sort of digital sparkly stuff.

The other gift is bike stickers as the other little boy took one of the pandas on a bike ride and they added stickers to the bike and gave one to the panda he had with him, bless!

So as before here's the offical photograph from John Crane's website as proof:

What helps with finding their products is John Crane has a rather unit look to them compared to other wooden toys so even though I had not seen this green truck before I just had a feeling by the shape that it was theirs. Also saw something else by John Crane in the opening theme of Same Smile. Can you find it?

Only on the screen for a short time but yes it's the same red balance bike that I posted about in the Typhoo advert!

Okay I need to stop doing this, that or get a job with John Crane spotting their products on TV. Does that have a job title? Toy Finder? Product Hunter? Probably just Crazy Lady That Watches Way Too Much Kid's TV.

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