Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Gallery: Landscapes

Since I got a new camera I'm going to try my best to take part in The Gallery more often. This week is Landscapes and I thought I'd show you my landscape from my apartment balcony doors. You see I have a very busy road literally right up against our flat, but doesn't stop us having some nice views every so often.

See I love taking photographs of this tree just outside our kitchen window, however I can't take photographs from my kitchen due to the window being super high and since it's a safety window it opens a tiny amount from the bottom. This is from the balcony facing the road. You can see an old building block (I think it's apartments) as well as the top of Tesco Extra and the lamp post that some reason is faced to light up a muddy 'parking' area.

This is what I love about my view. The bare tree branches showing against the late afternoon sky as the sun begins to sets behind some clouds and past the Tesco Extra - yes that damn building is great for having all our food and stuff but it messes up my chance in catching some sunsets from our balcony. I found my love for photographing trees like this when I moved here and joined the world of Instagram. I saw loads of amazing trees during a sunset and sunrise so I thought I'd give it a try myself with my iPhone. Now I have a DSLR I'll be doing it more often and learning to get better as I do.

Oh and to show you bit more of what it looks like from outside the balcony door... here's a photo with the zoom out as far as possible.

Not so beautiful, but maybe one day I'll find a way of making that unused warehouse look fantastic... don't count on it though!

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