Thursday, 23 February 2012

My Life is Run by My Son's Poo

First of all I'd like to apologise for any errors. I'm writing this post on my iPhone as Petit Boy has mastered the skill of dragging me to where he wants me and often he doesn't want me at the PC, but rather behind him staring at his every move.

I know once you have a baby you find yourself discussing poo than you ever have in your life. For me it has taken over mine and become a main subject between all family members. This is because a few months ago Petit Boy had blood when passing a stool, more than a few drops. Infact I remember crying a few times when I opened his nappy to see blood in the nappy and all his bottom. We saw doctors, health visitors, tried medicines, change of diet, nothing seemed to work.Then one day it just stopped. We expected it to return but it never did.

Until one day at my parents' house we gave him a banana for a snack as he loves banana and I hadn't bought any bananas in a long time. The next time he had a bowel movement there was blood, not a massive amount but enough that it wasn't nice to see. I realised it had to be the banana that was doing the damage to Petit Boy, I didn't need to do anymore thinking over it as was just so obvious.

Today he hasn't had a single banana since that day and not a drop of blood to be seen. Our new issue now is the insane amount of drink he demands and how he seems to just pee it out the moment it goes into his mouth. We still worry about his poo as lately he's changed his routine of having one every 3 days all of a sudden and some days they are pretty hard. But unless he's in pain again we will just keep our eyes on his (smelly) bottom.

Have you ever had trouble with your child's stools? Has poo taken over your life? Come on, don't be shy!
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