Friday, 17 February 2012

Holidays In The UK

It's always nice to get away with the family, perhaps to the countryside or maybe a weekend at the beach. It's great but have you considered having a holiday here in the UK? There's loads of beautiful holiday cottages all over the UK that are perfect for the family!

 A Beautiful Holiday Cottage
But where are these lovely cottages I speak of? Well all over the joint. Some lovely holiday cottages can be found near Scarborough and Whitby (see photograph) which are brilliant places to go with the kids as you can enjoy from the history behind the novel Dracula to the famous Scarborough Fair. For me I spent a lot of my holidays down in Cornwall to enjoy the sea, the walks and wonderful sights. Penzance as a fair few lovely holiday cottages where there's loads of fishermen and artists, great for young children. And there's of course Land's End, I believe I still have a photograph of myself with my parents there at the sign post which they can add your home town or village and how far away it is from Land's End. Perhaps one day I will get round to going back down there with Petit Boy, how far is Birmingham from Land's End I wonder?

There's lots of secret little gems out there that won't break the budget and some will accommodate large families so why not bring the Grandparents along as well? I'd suggest checking out Skyes Cottages where you can filter what you are looking for by area, your needs and dates.

Have you ever been to a holiday cottage in the UK? Would you ever consider one in the future?

Disclosure: I was paid for this article, however all of this is my own opinion.
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