Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Fluffy Bums

I've been very lazy and not having photographs sorted for Trendy Toddler Tuesday. This is partly my fault but also Petit Boy has not been very photogenic lately and tends to get moody or just runs away from the camera so end up with loads of blurry photographs that I instantly delete. But I decided to show off our cloth nappies!

This week my son is modelling the Itti Bitti Tutto in bright yellow, very soft minkee fabric and isn't as bulky as some of our cloth nappies.

You can find brand new Itti Bitti Tutto cloth nappies on Fill Your Pants for £17.50. It's the high end of the cloth nappy scale and it's the only Itti Bitti we own as they are just not in our price range. I like how we can change the inserts to suit our needs, but now he's older we need more inserts and I haven't really had the funds to buy more.

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