Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Nights

I admit I am very lucky as a first time mother to have a son who will sleep through the night from 7pm and most mornings doesn't get up at the earliest 8am. I wish I had "The Answer" for other parents but I honestly don't and just recommend you get into a routine early in their lives and stick to it. Also Moses baskets are evil, tilt the top end upward with a yellow pages it was the best thing we did for those first few weeks of hell.

Our good nights are our normal nights when he sleeps perfectly, bad nights are when he wakes up crying and takes a bit of time to get him settled down (with parental help usually) and our ugly nights are rare and tend to consist of either vomit, diahoerra or refusing to sleep until its pasted bedtime for mummies and daddies. Yesterday was an ugly night and tonight is (or was... I'm still waiting!) a bad night.

Last night Petit Boy had a bath and since the sun was still beaming through the window of my parents' baby room (they set up their old office into a room for their grandson) we dried him off, put a nappy on and then his dressing gown. He was calm and enjoyed relaxing with a while, but then jut moments before bed time he was laughing loudly at... I have no idea what! He just stood at the door and randomly would laugh. Sadly he refused to sleep until past 10pm.

Tonight is a bad night, close to ugly as I feel so knackered (only myself to blame as stayed up til midnight chatting to my mom the night before) and as I drifted off I heard a soft cry, assuming Petit Boy just woke for a whimper and went back to sleep. Sadly he didn't and continued to cry with more emotion behind it. I picks him up and he ended up on the double bed with me. Bad idea! Before when I had this problem he'd lay flat and wouldn't move much, perfect for me as could sleep without too much worry. Now he's nearly two years old he moves in his sleep like crazy! The photograph in this blog post was taken of him on my parents' guest bed where I should be sleeping, instead you see a small boy up-side-down, taking up both sides of the bed. Charming!

I'm writing this mostly to remind myself I do have it lucky, but also to tell others that even us lucky mothers do have bad nights too. We can relate somewhat, and we do wish we could help those who have bed time troubles. Maybe one day I will find out what I'm doing and write a book, who knows!
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