Monday, 19 March 2012

Understanding Words

Ever since the list of 25 words that toddlers should know by the age of 2 years came out we've been rather concerned about Petit Boy, perhaps I'm more worried because when we go to our local baby club he gets to mingle with girls and boys who are younger than him but can say words he cannot. For example nearly all the toddlers can say "bye-bye" or at least wave when we are saying goodbye to one another, Petit Boy however does not say bye-bye and he does not wave either. I have ignored it for a long time and just thought he'll learn soon enough but in 3 weeks time he'll be 2 years old. I'm beginning to panic a little bit. I mean he will learn them in his own time, right? Every child is different I shouldn't expect him to be learning at the same speed as other children, right? But still... I can't help but be a little bit worried about his speech, surely all parents worry at some point?

I guess what I should do is make a list here on the words he can say, would love to hear from others on what words their toddler(s) said by the age of 2 years.

Daaa (mummy, daddy, nana, anyone that's close family)
Mum (sometimes he called me 'mum' with the last m being held for a long time)
Oh dear!
Nos (Nose)
Mmf (Mouth - he's still trying to grasp this word)
Chush (Train - usually said when he wants his Thomas toy but has said it for Percy too)
Fife (Five - the v sound isn't something he's tried yet)
Sss (Six - this is brand new as of yesterday and he is trying hard to get the sound right)
Baff (Bath - he doesn't say this as often as he use to but he can say it)
Shush (Don't know why this sound but it means 'high five'. If we ask for a high five he says "SHUSH!" and gives us a high five. He will then demand everyone gives him at least 2 high fives each)
Yay (who doesn't say yay when they are cheering?!)
Roundround (his word for the washing machine as it spins round and round. It use to be 'wahwah' the noise it makes when spinning but lately this has become roundround)
Ov (Oven, last few days he's been allowed to come into the kitchen as long as I'm with him and I've said he can ome in. We've been pointing at some of the appliances and 'Ov' is the start of learning what the oven is)
Torc (Clock, this is today's new word which I've been saying to him when pointing at a clock or a watch)

He has also learnt the meaning of some words but cannot say them such as:
Kiss - he will either lean his forehead/cheek towards person asking for kiss. Sometimes he'll press his lips against theirs.
Cuddle - he will run up and give you a cuddle. At night time I ask for a cuddle and he wraps his arms around me then will go to bed without any trouble.
Drink - when we ask if he'd like a drink he knows what we mean, sadly he doesn't always understand what we mean when we then ask "can you give me your cup please?".
Hair - we have been asking him to point to body parts and started with the head. He can say some of these words but hair is one he has yet to say but fully understands what it is. We'll work on ears soon!
Dinner - we soon learnt not to say "do you want your dinner?" as the response is screams and pushing us (normally me) into the kitchen. Now we just say "Dinner time!" and he'll go towards his highchair.
No - he fully understands this and will shake his head when he means no, just doesn't say it.
Nod/Yes - he can nod his head too, though only times he does tends to be when singing "If you're happy and your know it... nod your head!" otherwise if we ask him if he can nod his head he'll just shake it instead. Doh!
Nappy - worst word to say to him. "You need a clean nappy on" before you know it he's ran off and all you can hear is what sounds like a child being abused. That noise is Petit Boy telling me his thoughts on nappy changing. He will even see I have a clean nappy in my hand and know what it means. I cannot imagine what our neighbours think we're doing to him but if they ever read this it's just a nappy change, promise!
Bed - depending how he feels depends how he reacts to this word, but he does understand what we mean by bed time and will go into his cot with little to no hassle. It's the changing bit he fights over (see: Nappy).
Thomas - "Where's Thomas?" or if Thomas has fallen "Kiss Thomas better". He knows Thomas is the blue train with the number 1 on the side. And yes he does kiss Thomas better if he drops Thomas, See my Silent Sunday as proof.

I think that's most of the things he understands and can say. A lot of the things he's learnt lately are from some apps he has now got on the iPad. They are interactive and he's quickly mastered new skills and new words. If you own an iPad I recommend checking out GeekMummy as every Friday she does an app roundup for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers that range from being free to costing £4.99 (I don't think I've seen her show anything more than that) and gives you a good insight on each app.
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