Monday, 14 May 2012

CybHer Round-up via Audioboo

It's hard to really blog about stuff when you are away, specially when you have a glass of wine in one hand and an iPhone in the other tweeting about the amazing day you just had. Oh and talking to some of the most awesome female bloggers I know and then staring out a hotel window at an Ugly Naked Guy* until midnight.

So here's some Audioboo podcasts I did in London after the amazing event.

Thanks to the CybHer team, Stokke, Sian To, High Tea Cast, Virgin Trains staff (they helped me open my earphones - I hate annoying plastic packages), Di Coke, Leather Satchel Company, Freya and... oh gosh just all of you for being there!

Out and About in London. Yes they have electrical plug sockets all around the parks in London, didn't you know?

(*If you ever watched Friends you will know about Ugly Naked Guy, well after a few drinks a few of us went back to one of the blogger's hotel room for some fizz and opposite her room was a gentleman's flat and he was naked with his curtains wide open. It got tweeted about and will never be forgotten)

Disclaimer: Ugly Naked Guy is Copyright of those people who wrote Friends. Also at around midnight I spotted him wearing what was either a small towel around his waist or a black skirt so I guess we should rename him Semi-Naked Guy. 
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