Wednesday, 9 May 2012

CybHer 2012 - The Excitement Is Building!

I was trying to think of a good way to explain how I am currently feeling as CybHer 2012 draws nearer each day, instead I shall use a video which sums it up nicely.

Before you ask, yes I have watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and oh my god it's amazing. Don't look at me like I'm crazy, watch it yourself before you judge!

Anyway it's thanks to Stokke that I am able to go to CybHer this year. I was so happy to get a sponsor that I even promised to dye my hair the same pink as CybHer's pink logo. I did it and got it cut as well. If you are going to CybHer this year I'm pretty sure you will spot me even though I'm 5'3" tall. So I kept my word and I love being a pink head.

I use to hate pink as a kid, probably because I was a tomboy (still am one) and wanted to keep away from the girly pink stereotype you get in girl's clothes and toys. I was the sort of kid that wore black boy's t-shirts with Sonic the Hedgehog on them, even if they were too big for me I wouldn't wear any of that girly pink stuff. Then when I became a teenager things changed and I recognised that pink can be a funky colour often used in alternative fashion and by college I found myself loving being unique and different. Today I still love being unique, perhaps more toned down then before (I use to walk around with big expensive goth boots - which by the way are not very good to wear when you have a driving lesson) and have happily embraced pink in my lifestyle, not as a girly colour but as a colour that is bright and vibrant.

Anyway back on the subject of CybHer. I've started to pack my suitcase, I say suitcase because although I am only staying for one night I get the feeling I'll be returning home with more stuff than I went down with so I figured I'd bring my suitcase with me so I can stuff anything I get into one bag (I hope!) and not fall over too much due to so many bags filled with awesome. I was also impressed to have gotten my business cards from Moo today! They estimated they would arrive on the Friday so I was well chuffed that they came and look wonderful. I'm also going to pack my Kindle with me so I can read Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (better known as The Bloggess) whose book is bloody brilliant and has had me laughing for hours so far so would totally recommend it whether you have a Kindle or not (there's a Hardback and soon a Paperback version).

The event is doing it's bit for the environment and using QR-Readers instead of paper versions of the schedule. I'm still pondering about what I'm going to do but so far this is what I'll be going for.

Sesson 1 - Digital Diaries
Sesson 2 - Pump up the Volume
Sesson 3 - The Rise of The Thrifty Blogger OR Ask a Blogger Geek
Sesson 4 - Is There a Book in Your Blog?
Session 5 - Portrait Photography Workshop OR Cheeky Chats with The Powder Room

I hate making choices as if there was a way I'd go to ALL of the stuff at the event, but unless I somehow clone myself in the next few hours that isn't going to be possible.

I shall do some more video blog posts in the next few days, promise!

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