Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What I'm Wearing @ CybHer 2012

Since I'm starting another blog up soon Called Wannabe Punk Chick and everyone was saying I should just wear something that I like and feel is me I decided to go be my more alternative self instead of being in boring jeans and whatnot.

Criminal Damage Tee
Ebay - £5.00

Bleeding Heart Hot Pants
Blue Banana - £15.00

Blue Banana Tights
Blue Banana - £3.99

IronFist Skull Shoes
Ebay - £35.00

I also have back-up boots incase it's not the right weather for my shoes or if I get tired of being in heels. Seriously these are really comfortable and although they cost £35 second hand they are normally £70 brand new so I still got myself a good bargain there for shoes that look fab and feel great. I'm also going to grab some back-up tights incase it's a bit too cold. Perhaps I should wear skin coloured ones under these ones to hide my frozen chicken thighs?

Also I will have pink hair. I've finally been able to strip as much of my "black" hair off. Woohoo!
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