Friday, 1 June 2012

CybHer 2013 - Sponsor Me!

This year was the first CybHer and wow... it was amazing! Thanks to Stokke I was able to go and learn such a huge amount, meet all sorts of bloggers, chat with brands and drink someone else's champagne. But the CybHer 2013 tickets are now on sale are selling faster than you can say... something that's really hard to say! So I'm back to pimping my crazy self out. Let me tell you a bit about myself before I go on to why I'd be the perfect sponsor for your brand.

Picture courtesy of Di Coke of Super Lucky Di

Hello, my name is Helen but most people know me by "Petitmew" as that is my Twitter name and I tweet about a lot of random and weird stuff. I realise that may sound like a bad thing but trust me it's not and I can totally abuse my might twitter powers for a good cause and to help your company shine. Anyway if you hadn't guessed from the above photograph I'm a tiny bit of a fan of pink. I promised if I got a sponsor for CybHer 2012 I'd dye my hair pink. The pink then went into the tights, my heels (wore boots for the evening as no way I was going to walk around London drinking alcohol in massive heels without harming myself) and later my CybHer leather satchel. I'm 26 years old and will be 27 years old by the time of CybHer next year, I like to think I'm still young but think I realise I'm closer to 30 then I am 20 now and also some of the music I enjoy is what old people normally like.

If the crazy hair colour is too hard for you to miss I'm very much an alternative lady when it comes to fashion. I enjoy fashion, secretly because I can not afford most of the clothes I drool over. I mostly buy my clothes from eBay because why pay £32 for a t-shirt when it's on eBay barely worn for £7 AND comes with three other shirts that you also like (this actually happened to me and the top I wore to CybHer 2012 was one of those t-shirts) so I guess you can say I'm a bit thrifty. I love bargains, charity shops, bags, shoes, jewellery... okay I admit I'm secretly a girly girl who lives the life of gamer girl. I just didn't have the looks or the boobs to be one of the hot chicks in school so I stuck to gaming instead.

So now you know a little bit about the rather quirky and pink-loving lady behind Petit Mom. So why should your company sponsor me to go to London to an all female blogging event and pay for travel, entry and hotel? Good question!

Well I can offer my sponsor all sorts of things. Here are some of the things I would offer you and estimated price they would normally cost for company to pay me.

12 months advertising right here on Petit Mom (appox £300)
Sponsored blog posts about the brand and/or product of interest (£70 per feature, maximum of 5 before event)
Sponsored Tweets up until 1st June 2013 (£10 per tweet, maximum of 1 per month)
TOTAL - approx £770

I will also happily run competitions and reviews for the brand at any time.

Currently the price of the ticket is £80 (soon to be £100 and then £120) and travel costs approx £60 (including cost of the underground using my Oyster card). Details on hotel have yet to be confirmed but so far the total is between £140-£180 without hotel room. I assure you the hotel room won't cost £500 so you can see I'm offering a lot to help a brand who is helping me out.

If you'd like to come to some sort of agreement then please contact me so we can chat about it. If you are interested in the above and think my wonderful pink hair-do will serve your brand well then simply email me.
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