Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Funny Moments - Cleaning Mummy

I've given up locking the door behind me when I go to the toilet and figured if my son sees me use a toilet he may learn something. I'm happy to say he has taken an interest in the whole using a toilet business... just not in the way I hoped.

Perhaps trunks will look better?
As a woman I always sit down on the toilet, no matter what I am going to be doing. So I sit myself down and Petit Boy runs in and sees me sitting there with my pants down, that's fine I don't care if he sees me this way as I I don't see why I should hide myself from my own son. He would then watch me pull some toilet paper off the roll and use it, flush and put the lid down. He quickly caught on to what is required for using the toilet and decided to become mummy's toilet helper.

Now when I sit down onto the toilet he smiles like crazy, rips some toilet paper off the roll and then... tries to wipe mummy clean.

Very awkward when it happens, although usually he doesn't get my 'lady bits' and just tries to dry off my thigh or leg for some reason. Either my son thinks I am a messy toilet user (how does a woman get it all over herself when sitting down on a toilet?) or he's just not fully understanding why exactly mummy puts toilet paper down there.

But yeah... AWKWARD!
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