Friday, 24 August 2012

My Middle Finger Meets The Sun

Ohhh I really REALLY feel like ranting about The Sun after they published the photographs of Harry so I apologise to my usual readers who normally come to read about cloth nappies, competitions and boy's fashion but I need to vent sometimes and think I may do his more often as a form of therapy. I would just like to state I will NOT post the pictures on my blog.

Whilst I agree that anyone in the UK could google them (I admit I did and if you haven't seen them they are so blurry and he has his hands over his groin anyway)  one line just made me glad I didn't end up working in the media "Further, we believe Harry has compromised his own privacy" Bollocks did he! He was in a private room with friends, the issue was his bodyguards did not disallow these women into the room, nor did they remove mobile phones or camera devices from them as they normally would. Even-so he and his friends invited these young ladies in to the strip pool game and clearly they all had a good time, he must have at least trusted or believed no one would do anything stupid. Sure he was drunk come on most young adults have a few drinks once in a while so that isn't exactly anything shocking on it's own, also many drunks have done foolish things. Big damn whoop.

Harry did not compromise his privacy, he was in a private room and not out on the streets running around stark naked. If he did that then I'd agree he did compromise his privacy, although still wouldn't care because in my eyes (and would seem like many other British folks agree from what I've read so far) he's just another young single man who is trying to enjoy his life.

Enjoy life, Prince Harry, and ignore The Sun and their stupid so-called journalism.
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