Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The 411 on Council Housing

Now I'm not saying all council housing is this bad, infact I know of some that are pretty decent and liveable, however one such council failed one family by renting them a disgusting pit that no one with half a mind would let anyone in. But not only did they let them live in this disgraceful building but they have rented it out to a family whose mother is unable to work due to her PND which has become very severe, a father who left his job to care for his wife and a 19 month old toddler whose a beautiful little girl that now is expected to live in this house that her parents have been offered. Prepare for some delightful photographs.

You see that graffiti? That is on the kitchen window infront of the sink and Clara from I Want My Mummy gets to live in this house with a cock drawing staring at her whenever she goes to wash her dishes. Oh and let's not forget that window next to this one has been smashed too. What really pisses me off and many other people who have seen this picture is the council (I don't need to tell you who because you can see on the photograph) put a lovely note by this drawing making it out to be in a ready state for them. Are you kidding me?! Let's see what else this lass live with and may I note she is PAYING RENT for this place in this condition.

This is not just any dirty wall, it's bird crap and on the floor were a few yellow feathers so looks like whoever live here before had pet birds. By bird crap I literally do mean bird excrement, but also there are bits of bird food as well but mostly poo that has been left for a long period of time and can't just be wiped away. The bathroom is no better as most of the floor has been ripped up and whole room smells strongly of urine. You'd probably think "just leave the window open overnight" but since they lack a fence for their back garden where there's a public path and the fact people have already clearly attacked this house before I don't think this family want to leave the windows open for very long.

The bedrooms weren't all that great either, with damp and what I can only think could be mould as well as a large hole in one wall and some graffiti in what is to be Clara's daughter's bedroom. Oh and carpet? Who needs that when you can have the beauty of damaged floor boards! What a great idea, while we're at it this council have given her £25 in vouchers per room to do the house up. Over the weekend a bunch of bloggers helped her and her family out and in one room used up at least £40 worth of paint so god knows how anyone is expected to use £25 to make a house into a loving home.

A bunch of parent bloggers grouped up to help Clara and her family by painting and clearing stuff up as much as they could in the hope to at least show her that there is a light at the end of this tunnel, even if it has lots of crap, a broken front door and a smashed up window. Many bloggers who couldn't make it helped out by sending over some paint, brushes, toys, etc. Even BuzzyBee sent over some cleaning products to help with the clear out.

I'd like to point out that her husband is NOT getting JSA as he isn't seeking for work and they don't think it's right to cheat the system by pretending that he is looking. PND also isn't up for any sort of disability allowance and yet PND and many forms of depression can leave a person unable to do the simplest of tasks. I suffer with major clinical depression and just been moved up from 20mg to 40mg of anti-depressants (this explains why I've been quiet on my blog and I'll talk about it more soon) and trust me it hits you and your family very hard. I'm thankful that over the last 10 years doctors have changed their view on depression as a mental health problem and now get better help than I did 10 years ago.

This is the final picture I'm going to leave you with. That is a wire sticking out of the back garden. No one is sure if it's live or not but no one was willing to find out (for obvious reasons) but a garden to any child is a place of fun and this is NOT something any parent would want to let their child play near.

(Thanks Mammasaurus for letting me use your pictures, wish I could have been there!)
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